latest update: TGA IMPORT BAN post PONED until 2021 - we are back accepting orders as normal!

Mrvapes is accepting NEW ORDERS.

"For this reason, the implementation timeframe will be extended by six months to 1 January 2021."


If you have already placed your order before the cut off date (Tuesday 23rd), thank you! We have received your order, and our team are working around the clock to ensure it is shipped and received in Australia prior to the 1st of July bans. Once your order is shipped, a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you have not received a shipment confirmation email, this means your order is being processed and will be dispatched between now and Friday 26th July latest. Please remember to check your junk/spam folders for any confirmation emails from Mrvapes.

Our support team have received a large number of queries which they are working through. They are working all day, and all night to ensure your orders get to you before the ban. Please understand that due to an influx of queries there will be a delay in responses. We appreciate your patience during this time. If we have any questions regarding your order, we will be in touch.


Our freight partners are aware of the upcoming 1st of July ban and are working to ensure that your order arrives in Australia prior to this. You may notice a delivery status ETA after 1st July, or a status message of "Shipment on Hold", "Awaiting clearance" "Additional clearance required", please note that these messages are  standard messages and any ETA's are conservative. 

Team Mrvapes