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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. NO I.D, NO SALE
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Juul Australia

We have the Cheapest Juul kits in Australia, Local stock - Sydney based. Biggest range of Juul compatible pods on the markets. shipped directly to your door Australia wide. JuuL pods - Why can't you buy them in Australia?


Buy Juul pods in Australia

Yes you can buy Juul pods from Mrvapes Australia


How to get Juul pods in Australia

You can import your own supply from the states using our website. All orders are tracked using UPS, and normally take around 5 Business days for delivery.


Juul Australia shipping

Our Juul Kits are located locally, so will ship from Sydney Australia. However, all Juul pods are shipped directely from our USA warehouse to Australia.


JUUL pods - Why can't you buy them in Australia?

Current Australian law prohibits the domestic sale of e-cigarettes containing nicotine. However, under the Personal Importation Scheme, you, the customer, may import up to 3 months of personal supply in any single order from overseas once you have obtained a prescription for nicotine from a registered Australian practitioner.

Within an annual period, customers can only order a maximum of a 15 month supply. 

All of our products are shipped with tracking from our warehouse in the USA direct to your door. Rest assured, we stock ONLY genuine items - NO FAKES HERE!

 All orders received on or before Midnight (00:00) AEST will be shipped that evening (Monday to Friday). Excluding USA National Holidays.


How does Juul Device kit Work?


The main device is basically a miniaturized box mod. It holds all the necessary components you need to send a current into a JUUL pod.Inside these cartridges you’ll find a small coil, a wick, and juice.


All you need to work this vape is to charge it, pick your favorite flavoured pod,pop that sucker on, and you’ve got a day device with enough e-juice that it’s comparable to a pack of cigarettes.


While JUUL Australia sounds like a far away dream, the reality is that you have plenty of options if you’re looking to purchase one of these pod vapes.


A one year limited warranty.


The basic kit may appeal to those who have decided to use 3rd-party compatible pods or will use a refillable pod that can be filled with any brand of e-liquids.

 JUULBattery life

The JUUL on the other hand, has a much smaller battery, with only 200mAh. The JUUL features an interesting feature, you tap the device twice in quick succession, and a light comes on. If the light is green you have enough battery life left. If it is yellow, you are midway using it. And if it is red it means that you’ll need to recharge it soon. There is the provided USB magnetic charger which takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.


Juul pod size

The JUUL has a NiChrome coil. This is also a good choice for a coil, as it also provides smooth, consistent vapors. No matter the coils, these two pod mods have good coils and both provide good vapors, so it is a matter of preference and taste tests.


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