Cheap Suits E-liquid

About this Brand:

Cheap Suits is an E-liquid brand created by experienced vapors. The 5 flavors were created to deliver an extraordinary all-day-vape experience. Cheap Suits partnered with one of the most impressive E-liquid manufacturers in the US to guarantee the highest quality E-liquids. The products are made in a state of the art facility. All the E-liquids are manufactured in ISO class 8 cleanrooms and the bottles are filled using high accuracy filling machines. A unique batch number is assigned to all the batches to guarantee full traceability to the products. All the E-liquid batches are analyzed using GC-FID (Gas chromatography–Flame Ionization Detector) for nicotine content, PG/VG content; density, refractive index and flavor profile are also tested prior to shipping. Cheap Suits offers all 5 flavors in 60ml bottles. The flavors are well blended in a 70% VG / 30% PG ratio.  

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Cheap Suits E-liquid - Pratt eJuice MrVapes Australia
Cheap Suits E-liquid - Pratt


Remember Grandma’s homemade Apple Pie? Baked cinnamon apples with gooey caramel filling bubbling up through a warm doughy crust. 70% VG

Cheap Suits E-liquid - Hanover eJuice MrVapes Australia
Cheap Suits E-liquid - Hanover


Forget your standard cereal with milk. It’s been done. This bang’n bowl of milky fruit euphoria is what we like to call, GAME OVER! 70% VG

Cheap Suits E-liquid - Balthus eJuice MrVapes Australia
Cheap Suits E-liquid - Balthus


Trying not to eat the bottle will be the only issue you have with this warm and flaky pastry saddled with sweet blueberries and succulent peaches. 70% VG