TOP 4 BAKERY EJUICE flavours with nicotine you can buy in Australia
MR Vapes Apr 07, 2019

TOP 4 BAKERY EJUICE FLAVORS with nicotine you can buy in Australia

Bakery flavors in australia

Since vaping and e cigs have become so popular, many companies have scrambled to get on the bandwagon. E cig juice comes in seemingly infinite flavours. “Normal” ones such as menthol or tobacco are prevalent, but “out-of-the-box” flavours such as watermelon or granola bar are also widely considered some of the best e juice options for newbies in Australia.

On the plus side, because so many companies have entered the e cig liquid market, there are constantly new flavours to try in Australia. Alternatively, however, that means some downright nasty vape juice exists. Have you ever purchased a new flavour or brand, only to cringe and shudder? Nobody wants that! Not only is it a waste of money, it leaves a quite literal bad taste in your mouth.

There are a few terms you should understand when purchasing vape juice: VG and PG–they indicate the amount of vapor or flavour in a given e cig liquid. VG, or vegetable glycerin, determines how much vapor will be present after each hit. PG, or Propylene Glycol, provides higher flavors and hits to the throat. A typical VG:PG ratio is 50/50, 60/40, or 70/30. Understanding these ratios is essential to a successful vaping experience. If you choose the wrong type of e cig liquid for yourself or your device, it can ruin the whole ordeal.

Because there are so many different types of vape juice on the market, you may want to take a look at this list of cheap ejuice, too in Australia.

This list is set up in a superlative fashion. Each capsule contains a flavour of ejuice, so you can easily scan it for your favourites. Or, you can dive into the details of each description.

So, if you’re in the market for a new flavour or are just curious about what’s out there, read this guide to the best e juice in Australia with nicotine from our states suppliers.  

Here is the list of the top four bakery flavours you can buy in Australia

4. Anarchist E-Liquid - White.

With this seemingly undescriptive name, anyone who has tried this juice knows that Anarchist - White is synonymous with the best Marshmallow Graham Cracker flavor in the industry. With a creamy marshmallow inhale and a satisfying graham cracker after taste, the only thing you need to be concerned with is how much you’re going to want to keep on hand because that first bottle is going to go quick.

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Anarchist E-Liquid

3.Ethos Crispy Treat - Crispy Treat

We have another classic flavor that never goes out of style, Ethos Crispy Treat - Crispy Treat. You will never have to feel guilty again for indulging your desire for this classic breakfast cereal treat. Close your eyes and take a hit and you’ll swear the only thing missing from the taste is the classic crunch. A smooth marshmallow and rice crisp flavoring, this flavor has truly stood the test of time. Established in 2014, Ethos has been a juggernaut in the industry with Crispy Treat as their flagship flavor.


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Ethos Crispy Treat - Crispy Treat.

2. Beard Vape Co - #32 

Number two may surprise you as much as it did us. Beard Vape Co - #32 is a cinnamon funnel cake flavor that is dominating in its space. With a 4.5-star rating from nearly 90 individual confirmed purchasers on our site alone, and the top-selling juice in five different categories including cake, funnel cake, cinnamon, and spice. #32 is a very simple name for a juice that is anything but simple. Each puff will remind you of walking by that Cinnabon shop in your local mall, or the funnel cake stands at your local county fair. This juice is yet another excuse to feed your sweet tooth without any of the accompanying guilt.

Get it HERE Price: $23.87  BUY NOW 

Beard Vape Co - #32 

1.Vape Pink - Cookie Butter!

 We know you’re wondering, “what could possibly top those first four flavors?” Well we never want to disappoint our customers, so we hope you can agree with our #1 flavor being Vape Pink - Cookie Butter! How would you like to take a bite out of a freshly baked oatmeal cookie, dipped into some ice cold milk and topped with some brown sugar? It’s a rhetorical question obviously because we all know what the answer is. Of this already stacked list of huge bakery flavors in the industry, none of them quite match the popularity of this sugary treat. Dominating the top sellers for months now, this flavor could arguably be said to have the largest amount of people claiming it as their All Day Vape (ADV). If you feel like starting anywhere on this list, we highly recommend giving Cookie Butter a try first so you too can understand the hype behind this decorated crowd favorite.


Get it HERE Price: $30.51 BUY NOW 

Vape Pink - Cookie Butter

That’s our top four list this week, all of these products are currently stocked at or below the MSRP and ready to ship out today! We’ll have more top fives coming soon so keep an eye out for them!



Nicotine is classified as a poisonous substance. Due to Australian laws, we are unable to sell you nicotine directly from our premises and we will never sell nicotine within Australia. However, it is well within the law to import nicotine for your own personal use. we are able to provide you with E-liquid nicotine shipped directly from our overseas partners directly to your doorstep. Please allow 2-7 business days