The 3 Best Vape tanks 2018
MR Vapes Apr 10, 2018

The 3 Best vape Tanks of 2018

best vape tanks in australia

With so many vape tanks available in Australia and worldwide it can be very hard for someone to choose the right tank. Tanks make or break the vaping experience, if you don't have the right tank then you are missing out. Tanks bring out the flavor and give way more clouds for the cloud chasers out there. From my point of view, I look for two things in a tank, the delivery of the e juice and capacity. Remember its all about the flavor when trying to quit smoking, so make sure you spend your time and money on the best tanks out there. to maximize the vaping experience.

Choosing the best vape tank

So what the hell is a vape tank you ask? its the component which holds the E-liquid/E juice and it has the heating element. most cases there made of plastic, pyrex or metal and glass. Again, its all about the flavor.

The 3 BEST vape tanks in Australia are?

1. Vaporesso Cascade 7ml Tank


 Here comes the new Cascade subohm tank blue from Vaporesso, which features stylish appearance, up to 7ml juice capacity, slide-n-fill system, plug-pull style coil-change system. It has an innovative isolation structural design that separates the coil and juice chamber, allowing consistent, intense flavor at every puff also reducing lower leakage and dry hit potential. Its balanced triangular three adjustable bottom airflow brings smooth vape. The Cascade comes with new GTM Cores, especially for cloud chaser. It's also compatible with GT cores with a coil adapter

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2. Vaporesso NRG Tank 5ml

The NRG Tank by Vaporesso is a new masterpiece of cloud chasers. It applies a variety of interchangeable GT coils for wide range wattages so that different vapers will enjoy their sweet spots. The slid-n-fill design makes the top refilling never so easy. And the specially designed mesh drip tip will prevent any spit back. The NRG would be the right tank to enjoy ultimate vaping. 5ml in Black, Blue, Red and SS and Rainbow colors. 

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3.Smok TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Vape Tank

The Best tank right now is... Introducing the first top of the line sub ohm tank that packs a whopping twelve coils within the atomizer head, the TFV12 is the King of the Cloud Beasts. You thought the TFV8 was powerful, wait till you try this bad boy out.

The TFV12 features wide open adjustable airflow, high-quality materials and precision machining, a large 6.0mL tank capacity, and many other features that are waiting to be discovered by you. Unprecedented and unmatched, the TF line from Smok raises the bar in vaping technology and keeps pushing the limits further and further.

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