Juul in Australia
Mrvapes Australia Jan 13, 2020

JUul australia


Are juul pods sold in Australia

No you wont be able to find any juul pods within australia. Its classificied as nicotine and is prohibited to be sold wihtin Australia.
you can bring in upto 3 months worth of supply, with a doctors prescription .

Can you ship to australia
Actual juul company wont ship juuls here, but Mrvapes can ship you all the pods you need.

How to buy juul australia
Online, jump on mrvapes.com.au, navigate to the juul compatible pods and add to the cart. when your happy with what you have, don't forget to use our 10% code for juul pods.
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Where can you buy Pods in Australia

no store will have them on hand, you can only find juul online. and you will need to have them shipped from USA. We have a massive warehouse in the states, which stocks all different flavours of Pods

Are juul legal in australia
Unfortunately in Australia no nicotine products other than Tobacco and Nicorette products can't be sold to the public. That means under current federal laws it is illegal to sell JUUL devices in Australia
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