Best starter kit to quit smoking.
MR Vapes Mar 19, 2018

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What is the Best e cigarette in Australia?

So you decided to quit smoking and you found this blog. I can tell you from personal experience after smoking for more than 20 years, Vaping works. Yes, believe it. 

If you are going to give this a real go. Then make sure you do. Don't cheap out on the cheapest starter kit on the market and $3 juice from an unknown supplier. Look for the best brands and E-Juice. Get the best starter kit out there, and try 5 different flavours of different juice. Find Ejuice you look forward to smoking. IT's ALL ABOUT THE FLAVOUR!!!!!!


Internal battery start kit

I will detail some of the devices that I have tried and that I have recommended to my friends, which have given good results to stop smoking. The first thing I want to emphasize is that these starter kits are internal batteries, comfortable and with a decent enough capacity to last several hours if you do not abuse them too much. There are a lot of models and brands in the market but these 2 that I leave here work very well and that's why I recommend them.

 Vaco vapersoo

 The VECO One Plus kit includes everything you need to vape, has several elegant metallic designs, compact and very manageable that makes it perfect for day to day. The kit comes with the VECO PLus atomizer which can be replaced and a rechargeable battery via 3300mAh USB that provides a fixed power of 40W.

The resistance used by the atomizer are the EUC and we have several models.

EUC ceramic of 0.5 Ω improves the taste and has a moderate steam production.

EUC cotton Clapton 0.3 Ω - 0.5 Ω and 0.6 Ω. It is best to try each one of them since there is nothing written about tastes. The normal thing is to start with the 0.6 or 0.5 since they have a somewhat harder draft and may generate less steam. 

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 Another awesome stick is Smok v8

Stick V8 is SMOK's newest pen style starter kit, which is ideal for all new and expert vapeers who do not want to carry a very large device. The battery has a 3000mAh and continuous discharge of 20 amps. The Kit comes with the Big Baby TFV8 of 5 ml which gives a great flavor and offers a great vapor.


It is best to try each one of them since there is nothing written about tastes. From my point of view and the power that gives the mod, it is better to stay with the 0.25 Ω because the 0.15 Ω does not move with enough joy.

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Also recommended is Vaperso Revenger mini. I can go one and recommend more and more, but these should be enough to get you started.