5 Steps to quit smoking and start vaping
MR Vapes Apr 17, 2018

Don't panic, go and have a smoke and come back

Smoke vs Vape Mrvapes Australia

 Now that your all relaxed, quitting smoking is very difficult. it was the hardest thing I did in my life. After 20 years of smoking, I'm finally smoke-free for two years, all thanks to vaping - this is how i did it.


1. Understand the difference between smoking and vaping 

So for you to really kick the habit you have to understand the difference between the two. Do your own research of comparison. A quick number for you, cigarettes have over 7000 chemicals. Google it. :)

Have a look at the video below, shows you the effects of smoking one smoke and vape on a filter. So just imagine that filter was your lung. 


2. Keep on smoking until your ready

The fear of never having another smoke kept me smoking, ill start next week (Monday) next months, next year. don't do that, START NOW. Pick up a starter kit and a few bottles of juice and start now and continue smoking, and simply cut back.

So if you used to smoke while driving, instead of having 4 clouds of smoke while driving. Grab you vape, and only have one smoke. For the rest of the way vape.

3. Experiment with all different types of Ejuices and starter kits

Find the one for you, don't shut it down after one attempt and say, "na vaping aint for me". you have to find the juice that you love and look forward to smoking, the trick is in the juice.

I'm addicted to vaping my new bottles of juice I completely forget about smoking. After 4 weeks, I can no longer even have a smoke. Its all about the flavor, so find a flavor you will love and look forward to vaping.

4.What vape to buy in Australia

I have a nice little blog about two best starter kits. The SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit with TFV8 Baby Tank $59 and the Vaporesso VECO PLUS SOLO Starter Kit 3300mAh SS 4ml Tank $49.

About Ejuice, it all depends on your taste buds, but we have a huge premium selection. We only stock premium Eliquids from the states, yes you can find much cheaper Ejuice made locally, but the flavor difference is massive. So don't cheap out and find really cheap ass juice and the cheapest starter kit in the market and say you gave it a go. If you're going to try, then spend some decent money on big brand Juice and a starter kit.

To get some nicotine you will need to look overseas New Zealand. Its illegal for Australia companies to sell nicotine here, and you will need to get some offshore.

5. Reward yourself

Make sure you use the money which you save not smoking on yourself. Keep on rewarding yourself, I know its silly. but its another bonus. So if you saved 500 bux not smoking this month and vaped for that months.

Go out and buy yourself a new play station, take the family to Fiji, bike, hat, whatever you like. understanding the value of not smoking and having that extra cash was a big incentive for me. I saved over 800 bux a month not smoking anymore. and I'm loving it :)

Like if your smoking 5 packs a week. That's $125 a week. $500 bux a months, 6 grand a year. now, Think about what you can do with 6 grand.

Cost of vaping, and I'm a heavy vapor. If you go through 100ml a fortnight, that's $80bux a month. 

What are you waiting for, give it a go!! and enjoy the vaping experience. 

All the best with your Journey

Mrvapes Australia