Plus Pods Review - Your favourite Flavors Now in Australia

Plus Pods - Juul Compatible pods

Plus pods are alternative JUUL pods that go for around $35 for a four pack. Plus pods contain 1 mL of 6% nicotine salt e-liquid each, so they hold more liquid and are stronger than the original pods. They also come in over 14 flavors including some of the classics and a whole bunch of new ones.

The flavors focus mostly in the fruit department, but there are a few menthol varieties and even a cream flavor! I don’t think they currently offer a tobacco option like Ziip pods, but I am glad to see Mango and Iced Mint on the line up. Let’s test out some of these new flavors.


Plus pods flavours in Australia

Plus Pods Review - Your favourite Flavors Now in Australia
Mango: Plus Pods Mango tastes a lot like the original JUUL version. The 6% nic adds an extra kick to it, but the flavor is very similar to the Mango flavor from JUUL. It has a fresh and natural taste that is sweet and tangy. If you’re into mango fruit e-liquids, you are going to probably enjoy Mango Plus Pods. I’m not a huge fan of mango but it’s one of the most popular flavors for the JUUL.

Lemonade: I like lemonade flavors, one of my favorite e-liquids of all time is a raspberry lemonade. These pods are pretty good, they taste like lemonade with just the right amount of sugar. They are not very sour, but they do have a nice citrusy flavor. It isn’t the most natural tasting e-liquid I’ve ever had but it is acceptable for a pod. I would put it up there with the ones from SEApods and a few other brands that I enjoyed.

Banana: This is the first banana pod I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t taste like fresh and ripe bananas, but it reminds me of banana flavored Runts candy. It isn’t terrible, but I’m not in love with the artificial banana candy taste. It’s definitely a change of pace from your standard flavors like mango, mint and strawberry. If you want something different, it’s worth a shot. It wasn’t my favorite, but it is a well-made flavor—just not my style.

Blue Raspberry: Some people are crazy about blue razz. I’m not actually one of those people, but I do like a nice tangy fruity flavor. Blue Raspberry Plus pods are decent. They remind me of a blue razz slushie, although it doesn’t have any ice or cooling effect to it. The flavor isn’t too sour or sweet, it’s actually pretty smooth. I got a few dry hits with the pod, but when it worked properly, it was alright. If you like blue razz, give it a shot.


Iced Mint: When I was using the JUUL regularly, Cool Mint was my favorite flavor. Now I use it occasionally and experiment with different flavors and brands, but I have always loved Cool Mint pods since I tried them for the very first time. Iced Mint by Plus is similar, but not identical. It has a fresh minty taste paired with a strong menthol effect. If you like peppermint and menthol, this is naturally going to be one of your top picks.

California Cream: I’m guessing this is their alternative to JUUL’s Creme Brule. This flavor is light and creamy, and not super sweet either. It is pretty subtle and not quite as complex as Creme Brule, but it happens to be really good. It was one of my favorites from the Plus Pod line. If you’re into custards and desserts, this is going to be to your liking. It is easily an all day vape for me, and a fine alternative to Creme Brule pods from JUUL.

Strawberry: This pod reminds me of the Strawberry Cream flavor from Ziip pods, but minus the cream. It has a pleasant strawberry taste that isn’t 100% realistic but at the same time, it isn’t too artificial or perfumey. I enjoy a good strawberry vape, and this one meets my standard. Juice Rollupz nic Strawberry is one of my favorites, but this one comes close. It isn’t as tart or sweet, but it’s a straight-up tasty strawberry flavor.


How do Plus pods work?

I had no issues clicking the Plus Pods into my JUUL battery. The pods perform pretty well, I’m not sure if they are temperature control compatible. There were a few hits where it felt like it was being controlled, but it was not so consistent. I barely experienced dry hits. There were a few here and there, but that’s common with most aftermarket pods.

The pods have a rounded mouthpiece, which is also pretty common. The overall design is identical to most of the pods that I’ve tried, aside from the originals. They hit really well, most of the time, and the 6% nicotine level gives it a really nice thump. Overall, the performance is on par with most pods out there, which are not as good as the original. The advantage is that you have more nicotine and way more flavors to choose from.


Although Plus Pods are not performing at the same level as the original pods, they are not bad at all. Most of the pods I tried were pretty tasty and accurate to their descriptions. I like how they offer their take on the more popular pod flavors, and some new fruit and menthol ones.

My favorites were California Cream, Lemonade and Passion Fruit. Iced Mint and Mango were actually really good and comparable to the JUUL pods. I wasn’t crazy about Apple, Watermelon and the iced fruit varieties, but that’s just my personal preference.

If performance is more important to you, then don’t even bother with them. But if you want some pods with a nice kick from the extra nicotine, Plus Pods are a fine choice. They recently started making disposable vapes, so you don’t even need a JUUL to try them. Have you tried Plus Pods? What was your experience like?